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  • Jeffrey Siegel

How to get involved in bringing the Mills Act to Los Gatos?

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

The Mills Act, which was enacted in 1972, to save the historic Hotel Del Coronado, is the single most important legislative act in California. The Mills Act in the past decade alone, has brought over half a billion dollars back to homeowners and commercial property owners, in the form of reduced property taxes, throughout the state. Today, over 100 towns have adopted the Mills Act, bringing new economic and cultural vitality back into their communities.

So why has the town of Los Gatos been 'left behind'? Nobody knows. But the results of NOT adopting the Mills Act can be clearly seen. The Mills Act has brought an influx of tax benefits through property tax reductions to towns like Palo Alto, Saratoga, Berkeley, San Jose, and many more, and the benefits can be seen in the beautifully restored and maintained historic homes and commercial properties in these towns. Los Gatos historic property owners stand to collect tens of millions of dollars in state-legislated funding for pre-1941 buildings. That's the key designation requirement made by the town of Los Gatos in determining who owns a historic property.

So how do we get started? How do you get access to the benefits conferred onto you by the state of California as a tax paying resident? There are two ways you can really make a difference and help us to get to a YES vote by the town council on September 3rd. FIRST, proudly display a VOTE YES FOR ADOPTING THE MILLS ACT lawn sign that we will provide you (we expect to place 100 yard signs), and SECOND, by standing with us on September 3rd, at 7pm, for the town council meeting that will discuss and vote on whether Los Gatos should finally adopt the Mills Act? Your presence there with us will become a tipping point. If the state of California is offering us the funding needed to improve the cultural and economic vitality of our community, why should our town council say no (they have said no before) when 100+ other towns are already enjoying the economic benefits of this great program? With this massive infusion of new funding, we can together restore the lost luster of Los Gatos, the Gem of the Foothills.


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