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  • Jeffrey Siegel

Banning algorithm-directed traffic from routing cars within one mile of Wildfire Evacuation Routes

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Los Gatos Historical Society ( Initiated legislative efforts this week with California Assemblyman Evan Low's office to legally ban algorithm-directed traffic (apps like Google'sWaze and Apple Maps) from directing traffic within one mile of Wildfire Evacuation Routes.

This would effectively ELIMINATE Waze-directed traffic into the downtown Los Gatos neighborhoods and commercial district. We are working through the legislative process with Evan's office, with the intent that this would hit the legislative agenda as a top priority when the California Assembly comes back into session.

It would help if other Los Gatos residents, and the Los Gatos town council and staff, throw their collective weight behind this legislative initiative. This should do more, in one single move, to alleviate the weekend summer beach-going traffic from 'passing through' our downtown area bringing our life to a near halt - and choking off our wildfire escape route which threatens the lives for many Los Gatos residents.

This is critical as Los Gatos has a higher wildfire risk score than the town of Paradise!!!!

Join us in making your voices heard - by calling Evan Low's office at (408) 446-2810 and emailing him ( your profound thoughts about protecting Los Gatos residents from wildfire life-threatening situations by keeping our roads open. The Overlook Road wildfire evacuation route continues down on both Hernandez and Pennsylvania avenues that both ultimately flows into downtown Santa Cruz Avenue. All of these roads need to be open and not choked off by apps like Waze, during the summer beach-going season (June through October) when wildfires are at their peak months.

Otherwise, THERE IS NO ESCAPE for Los Gatos residents living in several of our historic neighborhoods and the adjoining hills. Let's STOP COMPLAINING and start TAKING ACTION that can and will lead to this insufferable and life-threatening problem being finally addressed at the source.

And unlike the many other proposed solutions which all cost massive money, this solution will cost Los Gatos nothing. If this issue matters to you - no more complaining - let's get 10,000 phone calls and emails sent to Assemblyman Evan Low's office - demanding that this issue become his #1 top legislative priority!!!!! Start calling and emailing today! Your voice will be heard!!

And subscribe to keep updated on this issue at We are the organization that is advocating for preserving the quality of life, including safety issues, for the residents of historical Los Gatos neighborhoods.

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2 comentarios

Jeffrey Siegel
02 oct 2019

Rick - I completely agree with you and I will push for that to happen...thanks for the great input!!!

Me gusta

Rick Van Hoesen
02 oct 2019

I believe the prohibition on algorithm-directed traffic within one mile of Wildfire Evacuation Routes should be expanded to include algorithm-directed traffic within one mile of flood evacuation routes. We have those in Los Gatos as well.

Me gusta
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