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Restoring our Cultural & Economic Vitality

Making History Together

Here at Los Gatos Historical Society, we are driven by a single goal; to celebrate and preserve the quality of life of our historic neighborhoods that have endured for over a century. We are an advocacy organization that gives voice to the residents of our historical neighborhoods. Issues we are tackling today include ensuring safe evacuation routes from wildfires and pushing for economic incentives made possible through the California historic preservation Mills Act. .

Key Initiatives Underway

Neighborhood Revitalization by Adopting the California Mills Act

Join us on September 17th @7pm to join us in demanding that the town council vote YES on adopting the Mills Act which would allow historic (pre-1941) residential property owners to access the funding needed to restore and rehabilitate the rapidly dwindling number of historic properties in Los Gatos. It's time for Los Gatos to NO LONGER BE LEFT BEHIND the hundred other towns who have already adopted the Mills Act.

Updating the 1991 Historic Survey

The last time that the town of Los Gatos conducted a historic survey was back in 1991. Since then, over 16% of our historic homes have vanished, and at the current rate 37% will be gone by 2030. This data spotlights a crisis that's threatening to rob Los Gatos of our unique, distinctive history and identity. 

Wildfire Evacuation

Back in the 1800's and early 1900's fire was the number cause of destruction to historic properties. While gas and oil lamps are no longer the norm, the very real threat that our historic neighborhoods now face is related to wildfires.  This threat is compounded by Google whose Waze app is directing traffic that is chocking off our fire evacuation routes. It's time to take actions that resolve this serious threat to life in our community.

Here's Bay Area ABC News Coverage of the story:  https://abc7news.com/society/los-gatos-residents-say-waze-app-causing-gridlock-blocking-wildfire-escape-route/5521797/

How Do We Know Who We Are Without Our Pasts?

-John Steinbeck

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